Why Artist Interviews?

Because society needs it.
At least I believe so.
I think society desperately needs to be more aware of creativity in general, in all its forms, and to encourage it more in young people.
I also think the world benefits from knowing a little more by glimpsing into the inner creative process of artists, and their way of interpreting things.

Though the word creativity may be broad and can be many things, interpreted in numerous ways, I still think we all know what it is to create, to express.
I often ponder what it is to be an artist - and I think it covers a broad range of things, from dreaming to science to intuition. It's alchemy in motion. I think for something to flourish and move forward one must be willing to accept the flexibility creativity offers. And it is so simple to create, so simple it's become hard for most. Perhaps it's become cliched to say, but to create is to acknowledge the wild child in you, the simplicity of moving through life's shapes and feeling. When you were a child you made up games, perhaps stories and freely expressed yourself. To create is the same thing - it is to play, and to delve deeply into our imaginations; and now that you're older, the imagination must be understood for what it is and the underlying power it carries to transform life. We all have this magic.

I am so passionate about art, the alchemy of creativity, and artist's ways of seeing life that I've somehow had no other choice but to express this passion through some sort of blog with lots of other artists' voices, because I know I'm not alone.
In my mind, I've always envisioned some kind of creative revolution, so much that I can't let it go, or perhaps I should say, it can't let me go. It's haunted me for years, and has a strong hold on me. I've become enamored with it, and I feel I must express this somehow - though it may be more of an idea, a concept, a kind of artistic utopia, it's enough for me to be motivated to fight for this, and to be compelled to express this passion somehow.
This blog is an attempt to fulfill at least a part of that passion, that vision. For the vision is malleable, mercurial, and takes many forms. I only want for people to be inspired in some way.

I think imagination, creative intelligence and creativity are the antidotes to cynicism, existentialism, philistinism, twisted views on life, and emptiness. They are the rain to the garden that must flourish. They are the heralds of the world's Spring.

We must extinguish the cold fire of ignorance, in all its forms.

I think Oscar Wild and Einstein said it best:

- The art does not need to be popular; its the society that needs to become artistic.

- Imagination is more important than knowledge.

So, come join me and those willing to stay inspired?

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