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I found this podcast very interesting in that it highlights the struggles and challenges of being an artist (of any sort) in the world, while sticking to making your own path. The Glass Child is the artist name of musician, songwriter, traveler and writer Charlotte Eriksson. In this session she talks to one of her good friends, Niels Bakx, who is also a musician, and they share their thoughts on what it is to be an artist in today's world, the uncertainty of the artistic life, how they made their way and why it's important to be true to yourself.

I found it very inspiring, you don't have to be a musician to appreciate this! I feel any creative will find something to relate in this podcast :)

If you're having trouble viewing the video, you can listen to the audio here:

The Pen & Ink Drawings of Anastasia Somas

I have the honor of featuring the work of a very young Australian artist, who only at 19 years old, already has a strong style. Her pen and ink drawings capture the raw expressive gestures of body language as well as the emotional details found in the the human face. I find her portraiture work striking, candid, and full of character. While the continuous line work in her interpretation of the female form is fluid and voluptuous, capturing the feminine curves and shape of a woman's body. You will see delicate, sensitive renderings of nature in her pen drawings, sensuality in her figurative studies, emotional expression in her portraits and I daresay, truly poetic moments in her observations of life.

She is straightforward about her work, her influences and the inspiration behind it.

I am excited to see how this young and talented artist will grow and develop over time. She is definitely one to keep an eye on as she already shows a lot of promise!

Anastasia was kind enough to take some time and talk a bit about her art with us.

What mediums do you work with?

The main bulk of my work is done using pen and ink on paper, although I do like to experiment with lots of other mediums. I enjoy watercolour painting and for the most part my drawings do start as pencil drawings!

3 Birds prints

When did you start drawing?

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. My grandmother is a very arty lady and we're always up to something arty!

I take it you are very close to her. Was she one of the first people to encourage your artistic abilities?

The art projects were more frequent in my younger years. She's a huge fan of everything I do and I have her to thank for my artistic abilities.

New Holland Honey-Eater prints

What inspires you to draw?

I am inspired by life, the beauty of nature and human beings, mainly the female form.
Nude in Nature prints 

Flower Pot prints

Fox prints 

Any favorite artists you are influenced by?

Gustav Klimt has been a long time favourite along with Egon Schiele.

Not surprised you are influenced by Klimt and Schiele actually :)
I noticed traces of them in your work when I first saw it. What is it about their work that particularly draws you in?

I honestly don't know what it is about their work that draws me in, but I've been a long time fan. The way they portray the human figure, mainly the female form, is beautiful.

  Tan Nude prints                                               Blue Nude prints


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"I am inspired by life, the beauty of nature & human beings, mainly the female form."


What kind of environment do you feel you draw better in?    

I'll draw anytime anywhere! but I am a bit of a night owl and often stay up late drawing. I'm lucky enough to have my own mini studio to work in.
Birds prints 

Do you draw from real life or pictures?

I prefer to draw from life but it's often hard to find the opportunity to do so, I usually end up drawing from photographs that I take.

Are you attending art school or are you mainly self-taught?

I studied art throughout high school, but since graduating I have not continued my studies.

I can relate to that! After studying art in high school, I continued art on my own. For me it was liberating to explore it on my own terms. Can I ask how creating art without institutional instruction is for you? Does it impact your process and work?

Finishing school meant a lot more free time because I am only working part-time currently. The extra art time is great and means I can get more done. Not having instructions can be both good and bad, sometimes I find myself lacking direction. Sometimes it's good to be given a project or some guidelines to stick to. There are so many options in art that it can be difficult to decide which direction to take.

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"I create for my own enjoyment. 
I create art for myself."

Do you have a particular artistic goal? Are you looking to pursue an artistic career of sorts?

I have no idea, I have considered further study and it's still an option. Ideally I'd love art to be my career, but at the moment I'm happy keeping it has a hobby.

What do you feel is the thing you often try to express the most through your drawings?

The art I create doesn't often have an intended meaning, I create for my own enjoyment. I draw the things I like and things that inspire me. I create art for myself.

Tell us something about you that most people don't know. It can be something quirky or weird :)

I can't think of anything, haha
Something that some might see as odd is that I often like to draw Vintage erotica.

Are there any thoughts or words of inspiration you'd like to share with other young artists or people reading this? Any words of encouragement to stimulate creativity in society?

Just that artists shouldn't be afraid to put their work out into the world :)


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