I like to think of this blog like a little cafe where artists can meet up, reminiscent of the early 20th century era when artists and writers would meet in french cafes and have all kinds of conversations. Of course, re-creating that vibe, especially through a blog online is almost impossible, but my intention is to have the artist talk about their creative process, their thoughts and how they approach their work and see the world, so that others may be inspired and find new ways to approach their own work. Originally, this blog was created for artists, and any creative seeking to connect or collaborate and learn from other artists being interviewed; seeing that it's kind of hard to find art communities online that don't just center around marketing or selling your work. But my hope is that anyone who reads the interviews will be inspired to, in some way, either to finally pick up the pencil and draw after years of thinking about it, or to continue their artistic path fearlessly, if that is what you have chosen.
Every artist has a special place, and knows that imagination is the key for the progress and understanding of beauty in the world, as well as the evolution of art itself. Every honest work of art romances the world with its uniqueness, and builds itself a niche in the great crown of Art.

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